Zoom & the Law

6 Essential Zoom Court Tips

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Zoom has used to conduct court hearings. While Zoom does help facilitate with one’s busy schedules, it is imperative that you still come in with your full attention and with the same respect as you would give in an actual court. Failure to do so could make a negative impact in your case. Below are a couple tips with regard to Zoom hearings.

I. Put Some Pants On

This one should definitely go without saying. However, inadequate dress been a problem with Zoom court. Several people have been caught wearing no pants when entering a Zoom begins. At one point during a SCOTUS oral argument, one of the attorneys could be heard flushing a toilet.

II. Proper Setting

Find a good quiet enough place to take a Zoom call, most preferably one where you are authorized to be. So that you can be heard, test your microphone settings prior to the meeting. Finally, make sure there are no potential dangers in the room.

III. No Multitasking

There have been instances where parties have logged onto a Zoom hearing while getting a haircut at a barbershop or while performing a surgery on a patient. Some of the things that people might do in the middle of a Zoom hearing can be extremely reckless and for some professions, this could lead to revocation of one’s license.

IV. No Filters

You might love wearing dog ears on Snapchat, or you might like to be a cat on other Zoom calls. But please do not put on any filters in the middle of your Zoom calls.

V. No Food & Drink

Do not eat or drink during your Zoom hearing. Finish your meal before the hearing begins, or wait until after.

VI. Netiquette

Etiquette on the Internet is extremely important in the middle of a Zoom call. Not everybody has the strongest of Internet connections either. So be respectful and courteous. Do not speak out of turn or interrupt when someone is talking.

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