A dynamic, aggressive lawyer in your corner, treating you with the respect you deserve.

“Excuse my French, but he knows his sh**!
- a satisfied client

About Joe

Hi, I’m Joe Ott and I founded Ott Law Firm because I believe in better. I believe in better ways of practicing law and doing business making my clients feel comfortable with the legal process and empowered with smart strategies using innovative ideas to win cases that most other lawyers won’t touch fighting for you and what you deserve After graduating from the University of Missouri (Columbia) School of Law, I gained years of experience as a trial lawyer. In my first year at a big firm, I broke records by settling more cases and earning more fees for the partners than any other first year lawyer. While I was lucky to learn business and litigation from the best, I knew I could deliver a superior level of service to my clients on my own. So in 2017, I founded Ott Law Firm, with the goal of combining winning results with a truly unprecedented level of care for my clients. The numbers show that I can win big for you while still leading with integrity and innovation.


I’ll never tell you to take my advice simply because of my authority as a lawyer. Instead, I take the time to explain the step-by-step process of your case and the likelihood of different possible outcomes. I’m transparent with all my clients, because I want you to have all the information you need to feel confident and comfortable when making crucial decisions.


In all areas of life, I’m committed to excellence, and at Ott Law Firm, you can expect the highest possible level of dedication to your case. I’m an aggressive litigator who is always hungry for a challenge, and I continually refine my pursuit of knowledge and excellence inside and outside the courtroom.


Technology is changing our world, and that can be a positive or negative change depending on the applications. When working in other law firms, I saw seasoned lawyers slowing down their turnaround times by falling behind in tech. I know that with optimized technology and innovative processes, law firms can not only win bigger settlements for their clients, but they can have more time to devote to building relationships. That’s why I created Samu, a licensable software that law firms can use to create their own tech solutions, so they can spend more time caring for their clients.


As your lawyer, I represent you to the absolute best of my ability. I listen to you. I break down every detail of your case for you. And I fight for you. I don’t see you as a cookie-cutter client whose case has a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, I look for the unique needs and challenges your case presents, and I find the unique solutions to get you the maximum amount your case is worth. I represent you from a place of integrity, so that you feel respected and heard through every step of the process.

Why Ott Law?

I’m in the business of changing client’s lives for the better.

“Joe was there for me every step of the way. He broke everything down, from the beginning to the middle to the end. He got me the maximum my case was worth, and we went to the bank together when the funds came in. I always felt comfortable with him, because he earned my trust by being kind and taking his time to explain everything. He’s caring with his clients, but he’s tough when it’s time to fight.” - Susan L

"Joe is kind, caring, and he gives you 110%. I’ll admit, I was distrusting of attorneys before him, but he made me feel so comfortable from the beginning. He always got back to me, followed through, and took the time to explain my different options to me. Joe’s the kind of guy who means what he says and says what he means. He never made me feel pressured, and it was so nice to work with an attorney who took the time to reason, explain, and be patient. It wasn't just my settlement that made me happy to work with him, but the type of person he is. I’d recommend him to anyone." - Sharon L

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