5 Things You Should Think Twice About Before Buying

Category: Keywords: home improvements spending money on your home improvement thrifty tips tips for being thrifty Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/14791 Article Summary: Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking for ways to fix up your current one, there are plenty of ways to overspend. Click through for some tips on being thrifty. Full Article This […]

5 Tips for Finding the Best Off-Campus Housing

Category: Household Finances Keywords: college rent off-campus housing off-campus neighborhoods college campus off-campus apartment Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/13917 Article Summary: There are many merits to living on campus. But by their senior year, many students want out of the dorms. Click through for 5 tips to find the best off-campus housing. Full Article There are pros and cons […]

5 Tips for Reducing Your Heating Bill This Winter

Category: Painting, Appliances and Indoor Improvements Keywords: heating system winter thermostat heating bill weather stripping Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/13733 Article Summary: Lowering your heating bill and making your home warmer in the winter is as easy as a few simple steps. Click through for some money-saving tips you can use as blizzards rage outside. Full Article The winter […]

5 Tips For Family Business Succession Planning

Category: Business Strategy Keywords: organizational design job design family business growth Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/5447 Article Summary: Only one-third of family-owned businesses successfully pass the company to the next generation. Click through to find out why they succeed and others fail. Full Article Creating a succession plan now can help align family interests, manage family member expectations, reduce […]

5 Tips To Avoid Excessive Bank Fees

Category: Household Finances Keywords: bank account credit union bank fees fees banks online banks overdraft fee Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/15700 Article Summary: Don’t waste your money – use these five tips to avoid excessive bank fees. Click through for a few simple steps to keep more money in your wallet. Full Article Federal banking rules and regulations are […]

5 Tips that Prevent Overeating

Category: Food and Drink Keywords: health diet overeating snack healthy food lose weight weight processed food Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/32218 Article Summary: Many people have short-term success when dieting, but making a long-term lifestyle change is more sustainable. Click through for five tips that will prevent you from overeating. Full Article Many people struggle to lose weight, but […]

5 Ways to Encourage Technology Adoption in CRE

Category: Commercial Real Estate–Advanced Topics Keywords: cre millennials broker agent real estate agent baby boomers technology cre technology cre tools Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/36378 Article Summary: If you’re a typical brokerage, your top agents span generations from millennials to baby boomers. Getting millennials on board with new technology is relatively easy but how do you get your whole […]

What Paperwork Do You Need for a Nursing Home?

Category: Retirement and Estate Planning / Investment Keywords: parent, nursing, insurance, state, medical, process, paperwork, loved, information, income parent, nursing, insurance, state, medical, process, paperwork, loved, information, income Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/157212 Article Summary: Wondering how the admissions process to a nursing home works? It can feel overwhelming to face the stacks of paperwork you need to fill […]

Unemployment and Tax: Back to Normal

Category: What’s New Keywords: unemployment, federal, income, benefits, those, check, break, state, compensation, million Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/147592 Article Summary: The federal government typically taxes unemployment compensation, but it granted a partial break for income earned in 2020. That break has expired. Click through to learn what to expect for unemployment compensation earned in 2021. Full Article Unemployment […]

What It Means To Die Intestate

Category: Personal Finance Keywords: children, state, spouse, surviving, inherit, partners, death, married, child, property Landing Page URL: https://newsletter.homeactions.net/landing_page/18476/146188 Article Summary: Are you settling an estate for someone who didn’t leave a will? This can lead to problems, but they’re not insurmountable. Click through to become familiar with intestate succession laws that control who inherits property if no will […]