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Award winning attorney and LegalTech Consultant

Thanks for coming and checking out my law firms page. I strive to live a life worth remembering by achieving excellence in a variety of different areas. Check out below to learn more about all the things I do.

Joseph Ott
Award Winning Attorney

I have litigated cases in multiple state and federal courts concerning many different types of cases and roles. I believe that the best way to become a legendary attorney is to develop my practice to serve a variety of different interests and goals. By generalizing my method for case work up, I hope to build my firm while ensuring that each client’s outcome is motivated by a similar and transparent process.

Technology Consultant

I use the experience I have working with the actual problems that lawyers face when doing their work to create dedicated legal technology applications. We use proprietary forecasting method that allows us to provide clients with an objective way to evaluate decision making on their cases. In addition, we are constantly developing our machine learning implementations associated with our firms work to allow for quicker and easier client communications as well as optimized evidence review and augmented intelligence.

A Family Owned Practice

We run Ott Law Firm as a family practice. My wife, Kadriya, works as the chief paralegal in the firm and coordinates many activities and communications. Our firm cares about our clients and understands that the legal process involves not only the litigants, but also their families. We strive to provide a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of our employees time and energy. We run the practice in a transparent way and the compensation of all employees is public to all that work in the firm.

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