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We are a one stop shop for your new business. We file all relevant legal documents in addition to providing full service web hosting and development.

Joe is a consummate legal expert and also a creative thinker! He’s helped my business tremendously with a complex music industry matter, legal guidance and contracts. He’s genuinely compassionate about helping people, highly recommended!
Lenny Mink
Business Client

Modern Commerce Demands Modern Legal Solutions

Our law firm works with businesses to navigate the complex legal framework in which business is done today. Whether drafting a contract, articles of incorporation, or employment agreement, our firm rigorously outlines risk factors to create long term solutions. And our litigation skill insures that your rights will be protected.

Websites and email tailored to the precise needs of your business.

In order to better serve our clients, we have found that most legal concerns have a tech component. Websites, email accounts, internal applications and payment processing can all be seamlessly integrated into business contracts to create an efficient, modern and compliant business structure. 

Our technology company samu.live provides all of these services through an AWS platform that allows us to design cutting edge legal technology solutions to clients of all types.

Responsive design

We design our business tech solutions to complement our legal advice so that business processes can be honed in a efficient and compliant way. By utilizing clean and responsive web development tools (we built this site!) we make sure your customers find you, and that any issues that arise are handled.

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Analytics Driven Business

Our business systems provide actionable insight into your business processes.

Legal Insight

Our law firm provides deep insight into the process of contract formation and negotiation. Experience with the litigation process alerts clients to risk and gives structure to plans for the future.

Tailored Content Delivery

Our websites are made to order and display your pages in a responsive format to better serve mobile customers.

Marketing Expertise

Modern marketing methods - mass text messages, social media, or email campaigns - can create a host of issues for developing businesses when employed in the wrong way. We have the ability to conduct these campaigns on your behalf in a legally complaint way to reduce your risk.

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