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Personal Injury

$145,000.00 Settlement

What happens if you get in a car crash when the at-fault driver has no insurance?

We had a client in this situation with a four car crash, and when they needed surgery a year later, their insurance company claimed the surgery wasn’t related to the crash. But we were able to challenge the insurance company on their uninsured motorist policy, and we earned our client $145,000.

$100,00 Settlement

Our client had a long history of back and neck problems.

Unfortunately, the day before she was scheduled for neck surgery, she was in a car accident. Because she had pre-existing neck problems, the insurance company didn’t want to believe the crash was the cause of her deteriorating health. But using our innovative decision making model, we showed the insurance company how her ongoing health problems were possibly caused by the crash. After we increased the risk for the insurance company, we promptly received the full $100,000.

$100,00 Settlement

Our client was in a vehicle involved in a serious crash.

Using Ott Law Firm’s decision making process, we were able to use the health insurance company as leverage against the car insurance company. With our knowledge of ERISA law, we were able to increase the risk for the car insurance company and settle for their full policy limits. My client got to put a huge amount in her pocket, and I’m very grateful that I was able to help her.

Confidential Settlement

One of our clients was several months pregnant when she was in a serious crash with a commercial vehicle.

Understandably, she was mortified that her unborn baby had been harmed in this accident. Thankfully, the baby was totally fine. Still, the risk had been devastating to the mother. We helped our client recover from the emotional distress and made a powerfully convincing argument on her behalf. We were quickly paid a large sum after that. We agreed not to let anyone know the exact amount, but my client was very happy.

Criminal Law


We resolved a felony weapons case on behalf of my client where he was charged following a police chase. Even though he didn’t know that the car he was riding in was stolen, our client was charged with being in the presence of a weapon that was allegedly in the car. The vehicle had flipped over multiple times after the police chase, and there was simply no way that the police could assert where the gun was at the time he entered the car. We took a hard line with this case, and we got the charges completely dropped.

Family Law - Name Change and Gender Affirmation


I’ve had the honor of helping a number of transgender and gender non-conforming people legally change their name and affirm their gender. If you’re looking to align the gender on your government IDs, driver licenses, or other documents with the way you identify, I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Protecting your right to privacy is a top priority of mine, so I’ve been able to discreetly secure name and gender changes for clients in the past. I handle these cases on a flat fee basis and can discuss alternative payment models or payments via credit card in compliance with Missouri ethical rules.