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Our Core Values


My goal is to provide legal services that supported by an explict and objective criterion for correct decisions. By outlining our decision making process probabilistically, we provide transparent reccomendations to our client that are justifiable after the fact, regardless of outcome.


I am the most aggressive and hungry lawyer in the St. Louis area. There is no other firm in St. Louis that will provide you with the level of optimized and transparent decision making as my firm. And our results prove it.


Ott Law Firm promises each client at the start of the case that we will not force our clients into making any decisions they do not want to make. We provide authoritative advice and objective analysis to enable our clients to be their own best advocates.


I frequently consult with other law firms regarding the implementation of technological solutions to the problems they may be having. By harnessing transformation digital technologies in a way that allows a more efficient and compelling argument, we advance our clients interests and the state of the legal art.


Practice areas

Personal Injury

Ott Law Firm has signficiant experience getting good results in personal injury cases.

Civil Rights

Ott Law Firm routinely stands up for people whose civil liberties are being attacked.

Worker's Comp

Ott Law Firm maintains an active practice of cases where people have been injured at work. 

Criminal Law

When you have been charged with a crime, one of the most severe justice systems in the world is coming for you. 



We litigate high value disputes involving novel facts, including on ERISA and whistleblower claims

Business Services

We provide business services including contract drafting and review and corporate entity formation to small businesses.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning practice helps you preserve your legacy for the future and avoid burdening family members after our death.


Our Mission Statement

Ott Law Firm’s mission is to use technology, agility and legal advice to guide our clients towards achieving their defined objectives.



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What our clients say about us

"Joe is kind, caring, and he gives you 110%. I’ll admit, I was distrusting of attorneys before him, but he made me feel so comfortable from the beginning. He always got back to me, followed through, and took the time to explain my different options to me. Joe’s the kind of guy who means what he says and says what he means. He never made me feel pressured, and it was so nice to work with an attorney who took the time to reason, explain, and be patient. It wasn't just my settlement that made me happy to work with him, but the type of person he is. I’d recommend him to anyone."
Sharon L.
United States
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