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Ott Law Firm zealously advocates for clients from all walks of life. We use cutting edge technology, litigation savvy and a dedicated strategic vision to get our clients the best possible results.

Our nationwide practice has offices in St. Louis and coming soon to Chicago and Miami. Our dynamic legal practice strives to provide zealous advocacy for all.

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Modern America is a turbulent place. The unpredictable nature of our economy and our environment makes basic life more challenging than ever. But with the novelty and ambiguity of change, the commitment of our society to providing all people with a fair opportunity to be heard and to effect change in their world must be renewed.

Our Practice Areas

By engaging a broad range of assistive technologies and leveraging our well developed trial litigation and strategic instincts, Ott Law Firm is able to practice in a wide variety of areas. We leverage human and technological assets to pursue objectives in litigation, finance and conflict management on a large scale.

I didn't think I wanted to work with a lawyer. I had had some bad experiences in the past. But after working with Ott Law Firm and getting an incredible result, I recommend them to everyone.

Sharon L., former litigation client

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