3 Quick Tips to Increasing the Value of Your Property Damage Case


Hey guys, how you doing? This is joseph out here with three quick tips about how you can improve the value of your property damage on a car crash case. The first tip is you should take the car to a trusted mechanic. Don’t let the insurance company force you to go to a mechanic that you don’t like because they’re just gonna do the insurance companies bidding. Second tip is to ask for comp sheets. You can only increase the value of property damage so much, but there is a range and if you ask for comp sheets, the insurance company is required to provide them and they should help you negotiate. Third tip is, if you have any questions about how to handle a car crash case, you should give us a call because we have a lot of experience in this area and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions as part of a free consultation. My number 3143039360. Thanks.

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