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Entertainment and Intellectual Property Services

St. Louis has a historical and diverse music scene, which is something we definitely take pride in. Jazz, blues, hip-hop, indie, rock, bluegrass, we got it right here. The city is home to many national league sports teams, several music venues, craft breweries, art galleries, and museums near its thriving arts districts.

IP Licensing & Protection

Your artistic creation and your business are valuable to you. We understand that, which is why we are dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of creators, inventors and entrepreneurs. Below are the services we are able to provide.


Protect your brand

The contemporary digital ecosystem for creative products is vibrant. Ensure that your consumers respect your creative brand with our targeted prosecution of trademark protections for your brand, enterprise name, logo, and web domain.

Registered Copyrights

Get paid for your work

By registering copyright protections, your creative product will have increased levels of protection in the event an unauthorized user attempts to exploit your work without proper attribution.

Business Organizations & Agreements

With any creative endeavor, maintaining an optimal design of your business processes is essential. We help you implement a business organizational structure that maximizes profitability and provides granular control over ownership of creative assets.


clarity for focus

Our custom LLC operating agreements are formed after a free intake consultation that aims at undertstanding how your creative enterprise produces its final product. Then you can create without being derailed by internal conflict and with clarity about your future.

Contracts and Agreements

Have it in Writing

Whether it’s regarding artist management, branding and merchandising, recording and production, publishing and distribution, or IP licensing, having a solid written can be beneficial to your career and your success. 

“Joe is a consummate legal expert and also a creative thinker! He’s helped my business tremendously with a complex music industry matter, legal guidance and contracts. He’s genuinely compassionate about helping people, highly recommended!”

  • Lenny Mink, Owner of LoTown Records