Rights of Publicity

As a leading law firm serving clients in the St. Louis, MO area, OTT Law Firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses in a wide range of industries. One important aspect of our practice is protecting the rights of publicity of our clients.

What is the Right of Publicity?

The right of publicity is the legal right of an individual to control the commercial use of their name, image, or likeness. This right stems from the idea that a person’s name and likeness have value, and that value should not be exploited for commercial purposes without the person’s permission.

Why is the Right of Publicity Important for Celebrities and Public Figures?

Celebrities and public figures rely on their name, image, and likeness to make a living. By controlling how their name and likeness are used, they can ensure that they are paid for its commercial use and that it is used in a manner that reflects positively on their reputation.

For example, a celebrity may choose to endorse a product or appear in an advertisement. By controlling their right of publicity, the celebrity can make sure that the endorsement or advertisement is consistent with their image and reputation, and that they are paid a fair fee for the use of their name and likeness.

What Can OTT Law Firm Do for You?

At OTT Law Firm, we understand the importance of protecting the rights of publicity for our clients. Our experienced attorneys are knowledgeable in the laws and regulations surrounding the right of publicity, and can provide effective legal representation to individuals and businesses seeking to protect their rights.

Whether you are a celebrity or public figure, or you are involved in a business that uses the names or likenesses of others, we can help you navigate the complex legal issues surrounding the right of publicity.

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