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Our law firm uses a standardized method to obtain repeatable, high quality results in our litigation cases. We work injury, contract, ERISA, and other types of claims with vigor. And because of our method, our clients have a dependable and transparent way to understand why our recommendations work. 

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All cases are different. But our law firm has a dedicated decision making method that allows for repeatable results in a large variety of cases.

Civil Litigation – Settlement – $ 370,000.00

In this case that arose under the National Banking Act, our client was defrauded by a big national bank of an inheritance from their parents. We litigated the claim in state and federal court using a variety of novel legal theories to force a good recovery. The claim allowed us to recover the fraudulently detained transfer in addition to attorneys fees and substantial damages.

Civil Litigation – Settlement – $ 500,000.00

We worked this case in Arkansas in conjunction with the Turner Law Firm. Our client had no recollection of the crash, but we were able to litigate it aggressively using an expert to prove that the story offered by the Defendants made no sense. We were satisfied to get the maximum amount of money possible in this claim for a very deserving client.

Civil Litigation – Settlement – $ 250,000

In this case, our client was driving on a twisty road in a rural part of a southern state. When the other driver went over the center line and impacted his vehicle, our client’s vehicle was sent spinning. He suffered serious injuries including broken ribs and a concussion and had to be placed into a medically induced coma.
Although he had no memory of the crash and both the opposing driver and the witness claimed that our client was at fault, we used our decision making method to identify the most likely defenses that would be used and then hired expert witnesses to help bolster our case. We also worked closely with our client to imagine multiple possible ways that the case would play out and then made decisions that would help lead us to the optimal outcome.

Civil Litigation – Settlement – $ 133,000

In this case, our client was injured when his vehicle was rear ended on the high way. Although he had a long history of back problems, we were able to position the injuries as being only exacerbated by the crash. This followed from the careful application of our decision making procedure and allowed us to get an outcome that was optimized for all of the facts, not just the ones that helped the case.

Civil Litigation – Settlement – $ 125,000.00

In this case our client was walking into her apartment complex, when she slipped and fell on some ice. We used strategic reframing to identify the most plausible way to generate a high recovery and cater to our clients injuries. Because she had fallen and her head impacted the ground, were knew that getting her to a doctor that specialized in the treatment of head injuries was a primary objective. Our execution allowed a great recovery.

Civil Litigation – Jury Trial – $ 95,000

We won this case on the basis of our tough knack for presenting persuasive evidence at trial. But the case was truly won also when we were able to get our client to reframe her potential injuries in a way that was most conducive to an optimal outcome. This case was tried in a very conservative jurisdiction and was one of the few plaintiff wins there that year, although one of the Defendants did end up not having to pay.

Civil Litigation – Contract dispute – $ 115,000

We worked this case in conjunction with another attorney. The case involved a breach of a promissory note that was quite old. Although the defendant was at the time the dispute arose insolvent, he later came into a large amount of money. We were able to pressure him to grant us a large recovery through the use of strategic reframing and also to advise him to take a particular offer by measuring the offer’s strength against the most likely outcome.

Civil Litigation – Personal Injury – $ 100,000

This policy limits settlement offer was obtained even though our client was previously scheduled for a surgery that we claimed was exacerbated as a result of the case. We looked at the issues and the medical problem and were able to dive deep into the science to identify the mechanisms that would be worsened as a result of the clients car crash to allow for a high quality outcome.

Business Services – Medical Practice Purchases – $ 4,500,000.00​

We organized the purchase of a large medical practice on behalf of our buyer client purchasing doctor. This transaction involved very technical analysis of the various anti-trust and medicare compliance regulations that impact the sale of medical practices and related client databases. We were able to negotiate on the price as well as arrive at a purchase point that was consistent with both parties expectations and satisfaction. ​

Business Services – Record Company Mediation – Confidential

In this case we served as mediator in a very adversarial negotiation between a prominent record label and an artist. The artist alleged malfeasance in performance of the record company’s duties and desired to be released from the contract purporting to transfer intellectual property created by the artist. By painstakingly listening at length to both sides grievance over a period of months, we were able to cobble together an acceptable deal for both sides and monitor the agreement to insure that it was performed adequately.

Civil Litigation – Personal Injury – $ 100,000

Here we received a policy limits offer after utilizing a three tiered bad faith letter schedule per Mo. Rev. Stat. 537.065. The statute had been recently modified at the beginning of our campaign, and the pre-litigation adjuster assigned to the file made the costly mistake of underestimating our vigor. When we filed suit, we sent requests for admissions that verified our compliance with the statute as well as the clear nature of the claim and received a prompt offer.​

Joseph Ott, who practices law in St. Louis, Missouri, was selected to Rising Stars for 2019-20. This peer designation is awarded only to a select number of accomplished attorneys in each state. The Rising Stars selection process takes into account peer recognition, professional achievement in legal practice, and other cogent factors.

Litigation and Injury


-Aggressive Driving
-Fatigued Driving
-Road Rage
-Texting While Driving
-Defective Vehicles
-Illegal Turns
-Running Through Red Lights and Other Traffic Violations

Premise Liability

-Slip and fall
-Construction Accident
-Workplace Accident
-Retail Store/Restaurant Liability
-Inadequate Security

Commercial Litigation

-Employment/Non-compete Agreements
– IP Infringement & Unfair Competition
-Theft of Trade Secrets
-Fraud & Misrepresentation
-National Banking Act Violations
-ERISA Violations
-Tortious Interference of a Business

Civil Rights

-Employment Discrimination
-Sexual Harassment
-First Amendment

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