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We are Ott Law, the law firm for entrepreneurs. We understand that startups come in all shapes and sizes – some need our help raising capital or accelerating growth while others just want advice on how best protect their intellectual property rights; we’ve got you covered!

What to know before starting business

The Ott Law team is made up of dedicated startup lawyers who understand the nuances and intricacies involved in business law. They can help you create a limited liability entity so that your personal life doesn’t get mixed into any legal troubles

A great way to ensure safety when starting or running an enterprise, especially if it’s new territory for everyone on board.

Limited Liability Company formation is only the beginning of your business journey. You need experienced counsel to guide you through all stages, from inception and growth into LLCs or corporations that can weather any storm with uncertain times.

Employment Agreements

An employment agreement is a contract that protects both the prospective employee and company in an arrangement regarding compensation. The typical deal includes details like job title, description of duties & salary expectations; it also sets out how much time off work will be given as well any other benefits provided by your startup’s culture (e.g., healthcare).

A great way to protect yourself when hiring new staff members or contractors would involve creating solid agreements ahead before starting negotiations so there aren’t surprises later down the line.

This is an important provision for any startup to have in their agreement. If you’re working under a work-for hire contract, then the rights and ownership of your intellectual property belong solely with your employer–not yourself!

These at-will relationships can be terminated by either party for any reason or no reasons at all, which protects both parties in case of dispute. Some startups require key employees to Have “for cause” termination packages so they’re only fired due specific actions taken against them while working there – Proper documentation is important.

Employee handbook and manuals

The right time to draft an employee handbook is when you decide that the business needs employees.

The handbook should include policies and procedures related to employee discipline, overtime pay rates for employees., information on how much privacy they can expect while working at their new company. It is also important that you protect any proprietary trade secrets with confidentiality agreements.

It’s important for startup employee handbooks to be up-to date with federal, state and local laws. It is not enough that your well written before you hire employees; they also need frequent updates so as not break any of these regulations later on down the line.

Website policies and terms of service

The auto and truck accident attorneys at The OTT Law Firm can assist you in obtaining the compensation you require and are entitled to make the fullest possible recovery from your injuries, regardless of the type of vehicle you were operating at the time of the collision. 

Our legal team collaborates with a large group of accident reconstruction specialists to conduct exhaustive investigations of vehicle and truck collisions and pinpoint all the variables that contributed to the incidents. We use this information to construct strong claims that are evidence-based, which significantly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. 

Why is timing so important?

It is essential to remember that if you do not have an attorney specializing in auto and truck accidents on your side, you will be at the mercy of insurance companies, which are frequently more concerned with protecting their profits than with assisting the injured party. 

If you have our legal team on your side, you will be safeguarded against the practices that these firms use to serve their self-interest, and you will have a far better chance of receiving the full compensation you are due.

Please contact us so we can set up a free, no-obligation appointment with one of our legal representatives. 

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