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Joe Ott
Creative Legal Strategies for Creative People

I started Ott Law Firm to help people optimize legally meaningful decisions. Decision making is integral to successful art.

But decision making need not only be art. The science of decision analysis combined with the insight, education and experience of your attorney can all enhance your music and entertain business strategy.

Our entertainment lawyers – myself included – are also required to also take seriously their own art. Although we cannot devote the level of time and commitment as our clients, we love protecting the very important work artists do.


Business Formation

For our clients at the beginning stages of their professional music or artistic career, forming a legal business is essential.

We happily assist with LLC creation and registration. However, we also want to educate our clients about the process and importance of doing so as this step can typically be accomplished without an attorney.

However, LLC operating agreements are more complex and important than merely registering the company with the secretary of state. LLC operating agreements are important, not least because they describe how the music you create is owned.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property is the principle engine for economic growth in the United States.  Likewise, artists are well served to give a lot of thought to how they use and protect their intellectual property.

For music, intellectual property typically includes layers of copyright upon their recorded works. The lyrics, song structure, and live performance of recorded works can be protected by different layers of copyright protection.

Recording artists also typically have valuable intellectual property in the form of their marketing materials, good will, and trade secrets. Organization of the ownership of all of these valuable properties requires diligent legal work.

Giving Voice to Artist Ambition

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