Copyright Registration, Protection, and Assignment

Copyright law is an essential tool for protecting creative works, including literary works, musical compositions, software, and other types of artistic expression. At OTT Law Firm, we understand the importance of securing your rights as a creator and are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of copyright law.

Our experienced attorneys can help you with all aspects of copyright law, including:

  • Copyright Registration: We can assist you in registering your copyrighted works with the U.S. Copyright Office, which is the first step in protecting your rights.
  • Copyright Protection: We can help you understand and enforce your rights under copyright law, including the right to reproduce, distribute, and display your works. We can also help you understand the limits of copyright protection and the rights of others to use your works.
  • Copyright Assignment: We can assist you in transferring your rights in a copyrighted work to another party, either through an assignment or a licensing agreement. We can also help you negotiate and draft contracts related to the transfer of copyrights.

At OTT Law Firm, we believe that protecting your rights as a creator is essential to the success of your creative endeavors. Contact us today at +1 (314) 293-3756 or email to learn more about how we can help you protect your copyrights and ensure that your creative works are properly recognized and valued.

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