Synchronization Agreements

A synchronization agreement is a legal contract between a copyright owner and a user of copyrighted music, allowing the user to use the music in a visual production such as a movie, TV show, commercial, or video game. This type of agreement is necessary because the copyright owner has the exclusive right to control the use of their music.

In a synchronization agreement, the terms of the license are spelled out, including the length of time the license will last, the territory in which the music can be used, and the fee that will be paid for the use of the music. It’s important to have a clear and well-drafted synchronization agreement in place to ensure that the rights and obligations of both parties are clearly defined.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of copyright law and have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting synchronization agreements. We can help you navigate the legal complexities of this type of agreement, ensuring that your rights are protected and your business interests are safeguarded.

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